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Top 10 Car Tyres to Buy in 2020

Top 10 Car Tyres

The tyre of your car which bears all of the weight and pressure of your vehicle that’s why it becomes necessary to invest in the best quality tyres to keep your vehicle and family safe. Many people don’t even know that tyres directly affect fuel economy. If you are looking to invest in new tyres then you must make sure to spend your money on worthy things. Do a little bit of research and create a top ten list of shoppable tyres. I have done the job for you by making this worthy list of top 10 car tyres to buy in 2020 and I am sure you will find it useful.

You will have to invest a lot in order to purchase new car tyres and that’s why it becomes necessary to spend resources on worthy and value to money items only.

List of top 10 Car Tyres to Buy in 2020

1. Continental Premium 5

When it comes to best performing and quality car tyres, Continental considers as one of the best tyres to go with. This tyre brand offers a huge range of tyres for almost all kinds of vehicles including car, motorcycle, scooters and even for cycles.

Continental’s tyre design has been upgraded over the years and now it has become world-renowned car tyre brand worldwide. Better grip, design, durability, fuel performance, efficiency, and everything rest what is necessary, Continental fulfills what it promises. See: Top Royal Enfield Bikes in India

2. Dunlop BluResponse

The Dunlop won the best tyre award in 2014 and came second during the 2017 shows. It’s an all-weather performing tyre and it will not disappoint you no matter whatever will be the conditions there outside. Dunlop tyres have won both braking and handling tests when examined and thus riding your car on these tyres will keep you safe and will provide great control.

Dunlop tyres are one of the most popular tyre brands in the world and known to provide great balance and agility on road. This tyre has the best frugal design despite having a great grip. When it comes to rolling resistance, Dunlop beats most of the other tyre brands.

3. Hankook Prime3

Hankook Prime3 was launched in 2016 and replaces its predecessor Prime2. After just a few years of launching Prime3 has become one of the top tyres and that’s why it is featured here. This tyre has gone through various tests and has performed well in both wet and dry conditions. No matter if you replacing your car tyre first or tenth time, Hankook Prime would be an undoubtedly great option to look and go with.

4. Falken Ziex

Improving fuel economy is the biggest challenge a tyre manufacturer has to face while designing a new tyre without compromising with other necessary features. Falken tyres have focused a lot on green driving by improving fuel economy.

This tyre performed great in braking tests and can be proved, life savior. With Falken tyres you will get better controls, grip, steering inputs, handling, and better fuel efficiency while driving no matter whatever the conditions are. The only con where Falken seems to be an under-performer is the rolling resistance and tyre interior noise but most of the car owners don’t take it seriously.

5. Bridgestone Turanza

Bridgestone is considered one of the top tyre brands which will no doubt add more value to your car and convenience. The developers of Bridgestone Turanza tyres have focused more on optimizing the compound and structure of the tyre in order to improve its all-weather performance. The results for this tyre in wet handling, braking, aquaplaning, sodden and dry tests were great and remarkable. The Bridgestone tyres have the capability to provide the best comfort, great security, and peace of mind.

6. Pirelli Cinturato P7Blue

The Pirelli’s P7Blue was launched in 2012 and had received an ‘A’ rating when tested and examined under multiple criteria. It performed better from the rest of the variants when it comes to interior noise and interior resistance.

It is also engineered to improve fuel economy at the same time it also provides great grip and control even in the wettest conditions. Braking is also good; handling is much better and had also performed well in aquaplaning tests. The Pirelli P7Blue provides a sporty impression as well as responsive steering.

7. Kumho Ecsta

If you will look for the best tyres, the options are many and Kumho Ecsta is also one of them. Each and every tyre of various brands has little bit different features and is better than others in a few aspects. This tyre has proven itself as one of the best mid-range tyres. It has performed great in wet weather driving conditions which can be proved, life savior.

The Kumho tyre delivers best feel even from behind the wheels too by reassuring great balance thorough the long corners. It also delivers the best results in wet-braking tests and will prevent accidents in wet roads.

8. Goodyear EfficientGrip

GoodYear tyres will be good for your cars no doubt and will never disappoint you. It had delivered great results in interior noise and rolling resistance tests. The GoodYear tyres are engineered brilliantly to improve fuel economy. It never loses grip on the road no matter if the road is wet or dry. Drive smooth and safe with GoodYear tyres with top wet handling, aquaplaning and great balance between the rear and front tyres.

9. Syron Blue-Tech

If you are looking for budget-friendly quality tyres then you must go with Syron Blue-Tech tyres. If you want to shop for things without breaking your bank and budget, it doesn’t means you have to compromise with the quality and performance. These tyres are something you can get best without investing too much.

The Syron Blue-Tech tyres are German designed car parts that are built to deliver great performance. Whether it is wet driving, handling, aquaplaning, balance or braking, these tyres always provides the best act in every driving and road conditions.

10. Toyo Proxes

Toyo Proxes is one of the oldest tyre brands and known for its high quality and durable car parts. It offers the best quality products and it will be a win-win situation to invest in Toyo car parts. The tyres are made to perform well and deliver the best-expected outcomes. It has shown positive results in wet and dry weather performance, handling and other relevant criteria.

Bottom Line:

A car tyre bears most of the car’s load and pressure and you must bring the best tyres for your car. Low-quality tyres can cause many problems and serious accidents which is unacceptable anyhow. Visit a tyre shop or search online, make sure to invest in the best and value for money items.

This post about the top 10 car tyres to buy in 2020 will surely help you in investing in best items. If you aren’t found your previous car tyres impressive, then it’s time to move on and get something better.

Top 10 Car Tyres


Know the list of top 10 car tyres to buy in 2020 and I am sure you will find it useful

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