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Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

The day we stepped in the world of advancements and technology since then we rely on software to keep our information safe and organized in a better way than writing them on papers and keeping paper files to ourselves. Microsoft office has introduced us to the essential tools that we can use for organizing our data and information. Microsoft Excel is the best software that can be used for calculations that need to be performed on the data besides just organizing it.

It can help generate pivot tables, analyze data, and it can give a graphical presentation of data as well. Moreover, data can be represented as a chart in excel. It is a software program that organizes the numbers and data along with their formulas and functions by using spreadsheets. With the help of excel, financial analysis for businesses all across the world is done through this reliable tool.

What are the Purposes of Using Microsoft Excel?

There can be countless operations that can be performed by MS excel. It can be used for

  1. Data entry
  2. Data management
  3. Accounting
  4. Financial analysis
  5. Charting and graphing
  6. Programming
  7. Time management
  8. Task management
  9. Financial modeling

Moreover, it can be used for customer relationship management (CRM). MS Excel can organize anything that you need to keep a track of. Know about: How to Calculate Percentage

Formatting in MS Excel

MS Excel offers the modification of cells, rows, and columns along with a variety of background colors. You can change the number or date format. Moreover, you can format text font, size of text, and their layout in representative forms.

Need for MS Excel in daily life or Business

There can be several reasons that Microsoft excel can be utilized as this spreadsheet program can manage your daily records in the most organized and simplest way. It is the most used software not only because it provides the spreadsheet, besides that, it provides other functions to perform on the enlistments of data as well. It can represent data in a sophisticated way.

Moreover, it can gather all the information in one place so you don’t need to worry about compiling the data. In addition, excel can help businessmen to develop future strategies. It can also manage the expenses of individuals. The default extension of MS excel files are. XLSX. However, it supports other file extensions as well. These are only business related benefits of using MS excel in daily life but you can use it for any purpose as well.

How to Set up MS Excel

The basic functions of MS excel start with the ribbon’s home page. You will learn to customize that ribbon and how to collapse it. You can open the workbook (name of the Excel files) from scratch by clicking a blank workbook. Then there is a worksheet that is the collection of cells where you can easily be given access to manipulate your data. One file can consist of several worksheets. The format is the tool to change the appearance of a number in a cell. Excel even offers you find, replace, and go to in its special features.

Moreover, Microsoft excel offers the templates to be used instead of using blank workbooks. To make sure that users have entered some data you can use the data validation in the MS excel. Countless shortcut keys give the opportunity of adding the features to the text without dragging the cursor from the mouse to the toolbar every time. You will learn those shortcut keys from the guide.

It will not only ease your typing, besides that it will increase your speed of working as well. You can print your workbook and can change the print settings according to requirements. Additionally, you can share excel data with other files and word documents. Your workbook is always protected with passwords by encryption of excel file. Excel protect feature have different types of protection that it provides.

For instance, there is a password for an open file, for modification of the document, to protect the workbook, and to protect the sharing of workbook that needs a password as well. Excel is very easy and simple tool to use. If your job is to keep track of the data, then consider using the MS Excel as it is the simplest and easiest way to keep the records.

Functions in MS excel

MS Excel can perform any function that you want to be applied to your data. You can perform mathematical operations like counting, adding, and logical operations, like OR, AND, and IF. There are a few necessary things that you must learn besides other operations. One of them is learning about cell references and the difference between relative, absolute, and mixed references.

To manipulate text strings, MS excel offers a variety of functions. Adding more to it, there are financial and statistical operations that can be performed by excel. MS excel even knows how to deal with common formula errors and it can perform array formulas as well.

How to do Data Analysis in MS Excel?

MS excel has power features to analyze data. These features give ease to the user to manipulate data. You can sort and filter the records that are desired to display. You can do conditional formatting to highlight certain cells with a different color. Excel can display data in the form of charts that make the representation of data more attractive instead of reading the whole data and extracting information out of it. Creating charts and graphs is easy with the help of MS excel. To extract the specific items from the large and detailed set of data, excel offers the best feature of the pivot table. Tables of excel allow you to give a quick read to the data with analyzing it.

In short, MS excel can make the information easy to access, manipulate, perform mathematical operations, make strategies, develop business, and organize useful data records. The development of MS excel has given its users a peace of mind. Although there are many spread sheets available online but the widely used across the business world is Microsoft.

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