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Best WordPress Booking Form Templates

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Form Templates are used by customers for the booking of rooms in hotels or tables inn restaurants through hotel website templates or restaurant website templates. Booking through respective form templates also provides the means for better customer management. Such form template do not have any extravagant special feature but the user can simply collect the visitors details and integrate the same manually on users site.

However if the user is interested to add some comments, which will improve their brand value more efficiently. Then the user can use different WordPress comment plugins along with WordPress form templates.

Different WordPress Booking Form Templates Which you Can use on Your WordPress Website

Color lib Booking Form V1

This is the best collection of free booking form templates. This is the modern, clean and elegant reservation form with attractive full-screen image background. The main entries of visitor can be filled up manually by user. These entries include destination, check in, check out, number of bookings, etc. Also Know: How to Change WordPress Site URL in MySQL Database

Color lib Booking Form v2

This type of form template is very simple to use and is free of cost. This is the modified form template for entering visitors’ details like check-in, check-out, guests’ availability in the hotel rooms or restaurants respectively. The background image also applies better visualization.

Color lib Booking Form V3

This form template is 100% responsive and cross browser compatible with clean and sophisticated image background. With the best clever strategy the user can engage the visitors and increase their strength for more booking appointments.

Color lib Booking Form v4

This type of template form is used for the booking of any taxi firm or any transportation services required by customer or visitor despite of using any online services as that will surely charge a large amount for booking. But this form template service is free of cost and most feasible one in use.

Color lib Booking Form V5

The customer or visitor can also book flight tickets from this type of form templates. Usually the booking of flight tickets are available online on high rates. Sometimes which is not at all affordable by customers or visitors so keep in view the need and budget of customer this type of form template is made . The user can do best art creativity in background image so that the strength of users get increase in number for promoting this business for the organization as well as for satisfaction of customers or visitors respectively.

Color lib Booking Form V6

This type of form template is best hassle free and successful reservation portal for visitors or customers. It has a versatile and pretty appearance. The reservation of visitors or customers in hotels, restaurants and even in motels is also possible.

Color booking FormV7

This form template Is modern, mobile- ready, optimized and visually with excellent appearance. This type of form template customer or visitor can usually download free of cost. And can create the form for potential guests to check the availability.

Color lib booking Form V8

This type of template form is the best to use for doing any type of booking of customers with complete order without booking order manually. This is the amazing template for booking, as the software used in this type of form templates can sort the order of customers itself after they complete their booking process.

Color lib Booking Form v9

This form template is applicable on all handled devices like mobile, laptop and even on users’ desktop computer. The customer can use any type of device for booking of their flight tickets with date of booking and the number of adults and children availability.

Color lib Booking Form V10

To make the form template more unique with beautiful appearance and design user can use this form template for creating the interest of customers or visitors for booking their appointments in boutique hotels, luxury resort etc. The customers or visitors need not to make their bookings through dialing a number or send emails for that.

Color lib Booking Form V11

In this type of form template the user can modify the changes in designing this particular form template to make it more attractive and visualize for customer or visitor respectively, such type of form template the user can use for booking of reservations in respective hotels or restaurants without making any call or email. The software linked with this sort of form template is cent percent automated for business purposes.


These different types of form templates now a days are available with different visual appearances as the user can make their templates more attractive, readable and interesting for customer or visitors respectively. The form templates are designed by users in modern and advanced way. So as to create the interest of customers or visitors on the respective sites for booking of reservations in hotels, and restaurants.

The booking reservations are also applicable for flight tickets, vehicles like taxi etc. This is also a special and excellent service for business marketing. The software linked with form templates are automated. That is the customer need not do any calling or send email for their bookings and reservations. Get emergency WordPress help from expert WordPress Support Agency for your WordPress website.

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