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7 Important Tips of Planting Trees in Your Yard

Planting Trees

Most people do not prefer to plant trees in their yard. But, there are enormous benefits of trees, therefore, all homeowners should consider planting trees in their property. But, planting of trees in your property is not enough; you should do various things to keep your trees healthy.

Importance of Trees in Your Backyard:

  1. Keep Your Home Comfortable

The trees in your property will prevent your home from direct sunlight and keep it cool. Trees provide shade and help to maintain your house comfortable. According to the survey, a young and healthy tree has the cooling capacity similar to the 10 room size AC.

Trees not just keep your home cool, also reduce wind flow to keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter season. They help in reducing the entrance of wind through your doors and windows so that you can live a comfortable life at your home.

  1. Reduce Expenditure

Trees help in maintaining a comfortable atmosphere inside your house. That means you have to be less dependent on your cooling and heating devices. Less usage of AC and heat blowers will reduce energy consumption and results in fewer electricity bills.

If you plant one tree, then you can reduce the energy consumption by approximately 3 % in the next four to five years. That means a family can save near about $31 in a year by just planting one tree in their property.

  1. Enhance Value Of Your Property

If you want to enhance the value of your house and you are looking for some significant techniques, then planting a tree in your yard is a perfect way.

According to the survey, it was observed that potential buyers are ready to pay nearly 4 to 7 % for a property with trees as compare to the house without trees. The trees in your yard can increase the value of the property by approximately 10%.

A tree in your yard can increase the visual appeal of your house and trigger the interest of potential buyers in your house. The potential homeowners prefer to invest in houses with trees not just because they are visually appealing, but they also increase the level of privacy in your house. In addition to this, potential buyers prefer to buy houses with trees because they know they can reduce utility bills.

  1. Enhance The Quality Of Air

Increasing air pollution is one of the major concerns around the whole world. Therefore, planting trees in your yard is very important so that you can maintain a good quality of air in your surroundings. Trees in your yard can absorb harmful gases in the air and provide fresh air o breathe.

Well grown trees also help in restricting the entry of pollen, smoke, and ash as well. In addition to this, trees also help in reducing carbon dioxide levels from the air. One tree can help in removing approximately 300 pounds of CO2 from the surrounding air.

The less level of carbon dioxide does not create any harm to us, but a very high level of CO2 in the atmosphere can affect the respiratory system. Also, a well-grown tree provides approximately 260 pounds of oxygen in a year.

One person inhales nearly 386 pounds of oxygen in one year. This statistic shows that one tree can provide more than 50% of oxygen than your required.

  1. Make You Feel Happy

According to the research, trees helps to reduce the stress level and increase happy hormones inside human beings. Therefore, if you want to sustain a happy and healthy life, then trees are very important for us. If a person lives in an area that is surrounded by good trees has more probability to live a long life.

  1. Need Less Maintenance

Trees require maintenance in the early phase. You have to water it frequently, apply much and take care of it. Once, it is grown well, then you do not have to put much effort into trees’ care and maintenance.

Tree care is comparatively much easier than the maintenance of flowers and bushes. Once trees are grown properly, then you should hire a tree contractor for tree trimming and pruning to maintain their proper growth.

After pruning and trimming of trees, you get free firewood. The tree professional will help you to cut the broken branches into small pieces so that you can use these tree branches as fuel such as free firewood Sydney.

  1. Maintain Ecological Balance

Trees help in providing good quality air, maintain a healthy environment and help to sustain good ecological balance. The ecological balance not just helps in maintaining a healthy environment but also reduces runoff due to storm and strong winds. In addition to this, a storm can also help in reducing noise pollution.

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